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NEW! Ferra Designs Inc. was featured in a profile on the newly updated lobby feature wall at One Dag Hammarskjold Plaza.

Since the founding of Ferra Designs Inc. in 1989, it has been our directive to provide the highest quality craftsmanship to a wide array of industries and discerning clientele.

In order to meet the deadlines and demanding benchmarks of the modern architect and designer, we continue to expand upon our repertoire of capabilities. Our emphasis on a technology based development and manufacturing ideology is fortified by the time honored traditions of the true craftsman.

Specializing in precision architectural metal fabrication, Ferra Designs offers a thorough variety of services ranging from highly detailed design development to site specific installations. Projects can be executed in a full spectrum of metals and finishes which are achieved in unsurpassed aesthetic and technical quality. Whether you require precision Waterjet cut parts or our full services from concept to completion, Ferra Designs delivers.